Mar 2, 2011

Guest Post on Marriage and Errrrr....Well, You Know

Lindsay over at Passionate Homemaking did a bunch in February on marriage.

Here's my guest post over there: Enjoying Intimacy: A Gift to Your Husband.

Lots of interesting comments, especially from ladies who assumed I was only addressing those who have a lack of interest in their husbands. It seems there are many who don't! Maybe I see another post coming on. ;)


  1. Natalie,
    I enjoyed reading your post, as well as finding your blog! Very encouraging! Hope ya'll are doing well!

  2. Hey natalie, I am super encouraged by this post! Thanks for talking about such a ' hush hush' topic. I think many women(and their families) will benefit from this.

  3. I really appreciated your post at Passionate Homemaking...thank you.