Dec 24, 2010

Christmas Is for Those Who Hate It Most

Here's an awesome repost I have to share..."Christmas Is for Those Who Hate It Most," by Matt Redmond of the Gospel Coalition.

Don't pass it up. It's too beautiful not to read.

Sometimes during the holidays, excitement is mixed with a nagging feeling of depression and sadness. Sometimes I can't pinpoint it. This year, a few specific things have made the season bittersweet for me.

This article has helped me "get" how joy and sadness/grief mingle at Christmastime. It's helped me see how hope can grow out of the dead places in my life and in the world around me.
Christmas is really about the gospel of grace for sinners. Because of all that Christ has done on the cross, the manger becomes the most hopeful place in a universe darkened with hopelessness. In the irony of all ironies, Christmas is for those who will find it the hardest to enjoy. It really is for those who hate it most.

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