Oct 27, 2010

Quotable Quote: Martin Luther on Changing Diapers

OK. I just read a blog post that was mostly a quote. It was so so so so so good, I'm linking back to it here.

It's a post by a father...written to fathers....quoting a father...who happened to be Martin Luther.

But the whole quote is about the duties of fatherhood being not drudgery, but a privilege...a God-given responsibility...even the task of ....

Changing diapers.

Bet you didn't know Martin Luther wrote about changing diapers.

Ha! Bet you'll read the post now!

(P.S. Yeah, I know you want to read it so you can conveniently leave the page open for your husband to stumble upon. I'm working right now to pull the beam out of my own eye! If it applies to my hubby, it sure applies to me too.)

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