Oct 7, 2010

Packing for a Trip...or Not.

We're off for a quick weekend beach trip!

We can't wait! But there's only one problem.

I can't stand packing.

I worry I will forget something. So I start six days before our trip. I pack and repack our bags 620 times. Then, as we are packing the car, I realize I forgot the Vitamin E for ant bites, last year's tax return, my college algebra book, and my wedding shoes.

It makes me a stress ball.

This time I decided to throw some clothes and diapers in a bag just before we left...and chill out!

So...instead of packing...we trekked outside.

I think my kids enjoyed painting the fence more than watching me move 15 pairs of socks from one duffle to another.

They sure look absorbed, don't they?!

I gave them each a paintbrush and a cup of water. It's always no-fail, free, fun time outside!!!

Hmmm...maybe I should pack the paintbrushes.

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