Oct 17, 2010

Four Things in A Day

1. Stayed home from church with a toddler who might have been a stomach-flu timebomb.

She never did detonate, though. Phew. By noon, I decided it was safe to hold her on my hip instead of three feet out in front of me. We were all very glad. Especially me. You just never know what will happen when you put the stomach bug and an 18-month-old together!

2. Toughed out a long workout...it was, well, "insane."

I proudly completed the whole thing (except for all the push-ups. Shhh. Don't tell.). Of course, so did my 4-year-old daughter...so that may not mean much!

3. Had half the ingredients for pizza, and half the ingredients for taco salad. What to do?

Make Mexican Pizza!

It didn't look very photo-worthy, but maybe this pic will give you an idea of how good it tasted:

I guess we were hungry after working out!

4. Skyped with my parents. Always fun.

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