Sep 10, 2010

K.I.S.S. - Clothes that Actually Match!

Getting stuff done - FAST and EFFICIENTLY - has been one of the hardest and most fun challenges of juggling three young kids and managing a home! I keep finding new ways of doing the same ol', same ol' that really work for me! I'm going to post occasionally on some of my fave ways to K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Sista! Here's the first.

If you're like me, you pick up an odd pair of boys sweats on clearance here, a shirt on sale for next summer there...and if I'm not careful, I end up with a bunch of random mismatched pieces...ugh!!!!

So now, I keep a list in my wallet of clothing items that need something to match/complete an outfit. When I'm shopping, and I find a great clearance rack...VOILA! I whip out my handy list! Some examples currently on my list: 2T boys camo shorts, girls pink and brown plaid shorts. Maybe now my kids with actually have outfits that coordinate!

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