Nov 2, 2010

Creative Crafting on the Cheap! Make Your Own Play Mat

It's a rainy day...a great time to do a fun, cheap inside activity! My kids had a blast with this and played for hours.

And if you have a roll of craft paper, it costs practically nothing!

I'm not a super-crafty-creative person, so thankfully, this isn't rocket science. You get the picture. Tape down the paper....

and draw some fun stuff on it!


A large roll of craft paper, or equivalent.
trucks, cars, mini-trees, buildings, etc.
Several hours of free time to read Plato, make a 5 course meal, clean out all your closets, or eat bon-bons...while your kids play!

1 comment:

  1. Love this idea! My three year old truck lover would go crazy with this!