Apr 13, 2011

Curly Girl: Rag Rollers for your Little Girl!

With Easter approaching, many of us moms look forward to Resurrection Day for many reasons....one of lesser importance but great fun is our little girls getting all dolled up!

Here's a tutorial on how to get fabulous, Shirley Temple-style curls on your daughter. You'll love the look, she'll feel like a princess, and you both will have a great time putting these comfy, easy, and free rollers in! I have fond memories of holiday eves curling my hair with my mom, and I love making those same memories with my daughter. (The above pic was taken at least 24 hours after her rollers were taken out...too bad I don't have a better shot!)

- An old sheet, pillowcase, or other discarded cotton item
- Brush
- Spray bottle filled with water
- Snacks or other bribe to keep a wiggly child sitting still for 10-15 minutes

1. Cut the pillowcase into 2" x 6" strips. I have about 20, but thin hair will require less, and thick hair more.

2. Brush out clean, dry hair very smooth. (Hair can also be very slightly damp.)

3. Starting at the crown of the head, separate a section about 1" x 1", or however much hair you'd use to curl with a curling iron. Brush the section directly away from the head at a 90 degree angle.

4. Spritz dry hair from roots to end very lightly with a spray bottle filled with water.

5. Put rag on the underside of the hair, at the ends. Roll the hair around the rag tightly, all the way to the roots. Make the sure the ends do not slip out.

6. Tie the rag in a knot around the hair.

7. Have your daughter sleep on these comfy rollers overnight. If hair feels damp in the morning, run a warm blow drier over the rollers.

8. Carefully unroll the rags, working from roots to ends. Do not try to pull them out!

9. Brush out for frizzy, wavy hair. Don't brush for banana-style curls. Spritz with hair-spray for longer hold, and garnish with a big bow! These curls usually hold almost all day on my lively daughter's fine, straight hair.

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