Jan 6, 2011

Someone's "Soul Sister"

  • If you don't care for secular music, you can skip out on this post and come back later! :)

What would you do if your husband called you his "soul sister?"

(Silence. I hear you melting into goo all over the floor.)

I can't resist posting this song which I love, "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. A rockin' song by a bunch of guys.

Kinda weird for a mom's blog. But not all that weird!

Here's why I'm crazy for this song, and why you should listen to it too!:
  • The song writer wrote it for his wife. ("Awww.")
  • He wrote it with great affection for his wife.
  • Therefore, it's about wives. And husbands.
  • I'm a wife.
  • I have a husband.
  • You're a wife (probably).
  • You (probably) have a husband.
  • It lets me taste just a little sliver more of a wife can mean to her husband.
  • It's artful in a funky, fun way. (Not necessary but nice! :)
  • It captures the deep, emotional, trust-connection we're supposed to have in marriage.
  • It captures the fun, sugar-sweet, physical connection we're supposed to have in marriage.
  • It links the two together! (Brilliant.)
Lest you think I'm reverting to high-school, dreamy-eyed, dramatic idealist...or even worse, tacky...listen to the song and compare its message to the quotes below from Song of Songs.

And tell me they don't say the same thing!

"Turn away your eyes from me, for they overwhelm me..."

"You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace..."

"My dove, my perfect one, is the only one..."

Dove, soul sister, either one sounds good to me!

P.S. I won't include the references...go find them for yourself! ;)


  1. Love it! What a fun song and what a neat correlation to Song of Songs!!