Dec 9, 2010

Wrapping on the Cheap

So many gifts to wrap, so little time!

This year, I am finally admitting: I am a sloppy gift-wrapper...and I'm OK with that!

I also am realizing, though, that I dislike wrapping gifts and rush to finish because I find it boring! It's not fun or creative to put some pre-decorated paper on a box, and stick on a pre-made bow. Easy, but boring.

I recently came across these awesome, easy instructions for how to make a homemade bow. How fun is that! I didn't take any photos of the bows I made, but they looked just like this picture I originally saw.

Here's another interesting idea: go green and wrap gifts with upcycled brown paper and....onion/potato bags! You know, that orange and brown netting?

Here's where you can see some pics and get ideas. I don't know if I'm brave enough to wrap my gifts in produce packaging yet. I think my mom might recognize an onion bag when she saw one! Maybe next year I'll declare it a "green" Christmas to one and all, and go for it!

Thanks for the ideas, Jessica and Kristen!

What are your money-saving, resource-saving wrapping ideas?

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