Dec 24, 2010


To anyone who "does" Christmas several times each year, you're my hero.

Tomorrow will make Christmas #3 for us and...

I'm pooped.

This is the first time my Christmas celebrations have fallen outside of December 24-25. We've basically been Christmas-ing since last Friday. We kicked it off with my awesome mom and dad, pictured below.

If we all look a little bleary-eyed, it's because we stayed up all hours playing Wii ping-pong, bowling, and snowboarding.

Aside from Wii-ing and eating a lot of food, we did a mini-Christmas play. I couldn't resist this pic of our pretend "Mary."

Thankfully, as my mom put it on Wednesday, "Wii go home!"

I am now sleeping again, and I've also regained use of my left arm.

Which gave me all the energy I needed to barely scrape by, in time for Christmas #2. We had a great day today with a wild and wacky bunch on my hubby's side.

I absolutely loved all the yummy southern holiday food, and the noisy, full house of people milling around, taking endless pictures, and reminiscing over endless memories together.

If my kids look a little bleary-eyed, it's because they are so stinkin' tired from opening thousands of presents.

Poor them.

Hopefully they can bounce back in time for Christmas #3, which starts tomorrow morning.

I thought I had enough for this year.

Until we got home tonight and put our kids in bed. I set our table for a cozy Christmas breakfast, arranged a few things around the tree, and breathed a big sigh.


I can't wait to soak in a quiet day with my precious kids and to relax with my hubby, who has been working his tail off and helping out with the kids.

Christmas #3 might be just what I need to recover from 1 and 2. Stay tuned for more pics later...except I won't be in them.

I plan to be behind the camera, in my pajamas!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Aw! I love ALL these photos! Sabrina's hair and Lexi's pigtails are adorable.

    Also, what a brilliant idea to put on a Christmas play! That's a great way to tell the story instead of making the kids sit still while you read it aloud. (Nobody wants to listen to a story when there are presents to had!)