Dec 1, 2010

Nutrition...Ideal or Idol? Part 5

This series of posts has focused on health/nutrition, and how it can be kept in its proper place by wives and mothers.

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To close, I am listing below some practical guidelines and questions I use for myself to help guard against perfect health/nutrition becoming wrongly prioritized, over and above loving God and my family/friends.

1. How does my husband feel about our family’s health and our current diet? What is his opinion about investing extra time/money in this area?

Listen, and really value his thoughts! Unity is so key.

2. What is our current budget? Am I submitting to it?

Do NOT overspend for the sake of healthy food and in doing so, dishonor him! You may have nourished his body by putting a super-nutritious meal on the table, but you might be kinda like a Big Mac to the financial "arteries" of your marriage. (You are clogging it up, slowing it down, and working against him if you are overspending your budget!)

3. Does my hubby have food preferences? Am I being thoughtful toward them?

If your budget + your health agenda = lots of beans...

...but your husband does not like beans, then CHUCK the beans!

If he likes meat, figure out how to work meat in your meals! This may be A LOT OF WORK. But if he knows you want to make meals that are enjoyable for him and healthy, he will be more on board with you.

You won’t be gaining any support if you disregard his preferences for a meat-and-potatoes dinner, and serve him tofu served on mixed greens, with flaxseed dressing and pine nuts.

A true story from our house: My husband recently told me, “Spinach is a leaf. It does not belong in my drink. Put it in my salad!”

Yup. Green smoothies are a cool idea to me. Next time I'll make them during the day! :)

4. Do my eating habits prevent me from spending time with other people, when I will be forced to eat foods that fall outside of my own ideas of health?

Jesus hung out with lepers. He did not think his own health so important as to avoid contact with people that could possibly jeopardize it.

5. Does my family’s spiritual/emotional health ALWAYS come first?

Baking bread and making homemade butter is NO excuse for not teaching scripture to your children, praying with them, playing on the floor with them, or having time to relax and talk/listen to your husband.

6. Am I keeping LOVE as my first priority? Am I always thinking through how to best order my time according to LOVE, not merely our diet?

Ok, y’all. That’s what did it for me. If anybody is reading, what has helped you balance your time in the kitchen?

Also, what other topics would be worth exploring for you, in regards to achieving balance?


  1. This series was just what I needed to hear - especially coming into the Christmas season when food gifts abound! We eat reasonably healthy (at least to my standard) but I needed to hear that it is okay to relax!

    And I'm right with you on being thoughtful toward your husband. I have found so much joy since I stopped worrying about the sugary treats my husband enjoys. Maybe it isn't the best for his health - but me harping on him won't make anyone happy!

    Striving to keep LOVE the first priority!

  2. So awesome that you've found balance so early in your marriage! It's taken me nearly two decades :/

    Incredible series!!
    Mrs. H

  3. Natalie,

    The things you have shared in this important series have been a blessing, encouragement, and treasure. Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage this community of women in this way! We surely need this truth when our perspectives are easily skewed. God's word is SO good.

  4. Thank you so much for being vulnerable and share this with all of us. I am wading through and thinking about much of these same things right now, and it is so wonderful to hear another "healthy" mom say it's okay to relax. Thank you for sharing!