Sep 21, 2010

Penny-Pinching: XTREME Couponing

So, I bought all this stuff for.......drumrollllllll.....$6.31.


It's called "XTreme Couponing." This makes me laugh. Everything today is "XTreme" this or that. Stay-at-home moms are jumping on the "XTreme" bandwagon! Naturally, couponing comes to mind. What a great combo. Maybe someday there will be a reality "XTreme" couponing show. Moms will race their carts through the store to snatch up the last BOGO deal. They will have trainers screaming at them while they cut and organize their coupons on a timeclock. At the end of the show, you will hear dramatic music, and a screen will flash numbers above each contestant's head as we wait breathlessly for the XTreme couponer winner to be revealed.

Well...maybe not.

For now, I'll just imagine the winner was me while I'm basking in the glory of my great deals. And maybe another day I'll blog on how I'm XTreme couponing!


  1. i do this too! do you follow she's my go to with couponing!

  2. No, but I will have to check it out! Thanks! I have been using's so easy. I'm addicted to CVS! :)