Sep 30, 2010

K.I.S.S. - Jammies on Hand

We have a bulky TV cabinet in our living room used for storing the kids' books, crafts, etc.

It is now the new home of their pajamas as well!

I decided to forgo convention and store our bedtime stuff in the living room, so that in the mad 7:30 p.m. rush, even my hubby!!! could easily find... threepairsofmatchingpajamaswhilebrushing52teethanddiaperingtwobottomsandoverseeingtwotripstothepottyandwarminganighttimebottleandlocatingonefavoriteblankiekittieandbabydoll.

Poof! One little change like moving the pj's...and bedtime is so easy now.

All my life's problems solved, just like that.

You better go move your kiddos' jammies right now!

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