Sep 18, 2010

K.I.S.S. - Clean Floors!

Three words:


I'm in luuuuv.

In my past mopping days, I hated even thinking about the slimy, dirty water I'd be slinging around with the string mop I used. Blech. I think I once chased my daughter around, threatening her with with the dried, crusty stringy end, which looked like a mutated octopus with rigor mortis. Blech.

But with this gadget, all you do is:

Pour clean water into the base.

Plug it in, and pump the handle for about 10 seconds.

...and ssshhhhhhhhfffffff! Steam away your floors!

It is so fun, once I finish, I can't wait to mop again. Have you ever felt that way about cleaning your floors? Yeah. Didn't think so.

Plus, I can enlist my 4-year-old to mop anytime, as she thinks it is a privilege and award for the most-loved-child. I hope she feels that way about mopping for many more years.

Some days, I bend over so many times to pick up toys, dropped napkins, grated cheese on my bedroom floor, my husband's lost brown sock in my son's toy bin, yadda yadda...that I feel like a bobble-head doll!

As long as I do a quick sweep, this mop makes it easy for me to clean spots and pick up all the grime and dirt with the soft, microfiber pad. (Extra pad included w/ mop. Plus they're machine washable! Did I say I'm in LUV?)

I would SO recommend this mop. Can you tell? It's at Lowe's or Walmart, but I bought mine at a scratch-N-dent discount store for 1/2 price, and I've seen several at similar stores since keep your eyes peeled while you're bargain-hunting.

Warning though, do not try at home (we already did.): my son stuck his foot under the mop to be funny a few weeks ago, and for his hilarity, he got rewarded with blistered toes. I didn't think the steam was really that hot, but alas! Use caution with children or your own bare piggies.

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