Sep 6, 2010

Eat Your Broccoli...It's GOOD for You!

Hi! I’m Natalie. I’m a mother to three small children, ages 4 ½, 3, and 17 months. Raising kids is a wild ride! Mothering is filled with an overwhelming amount of decisions and choices to make! Moms always think and hope they are doing what’s best.

I want to blog about some of my challenges, failures, and victories, in mothering, and hear from other moms, too.

Here are just a few things that moms everywhere are doing, in the hopes of giving them the best:

Putting them down for a nap.

Taking them to piano lessons.

Dropping them off at daycare.

Feeding them homemade babyfood.

Reading them a book.

Meeting with their teacher.

Hugging them.

Getting them a math tutor.

Staying at home full time for them.

Making them save their money.

Lecturing them.

Buying them craft supplies.

Working so they can go to private school.

Playing blocks with them.

Making them empty the dishwasher.

Is there a mother in the world who doesn’t try to find out what’s good, healthy, right, and whole for her kids, and to do exactly that?

Mothers also try to do things they think, hope, will nourish their own body and soul:







Talk with friends.



Whatever activity it is, Mom sneaks away for some time to rejuvenate. But sometimes she misses her kids (just a bit). She might even feel guilty for wanting to be away.

Every mom I’ve ever talked to struggles with the delicate balance of loving/nurturing her kids and maintain her own sanity and peace. The needs and wants of children are endless and overwhelming!!! What mother has not felt that the life is being drained out of her by her children? Is raising kids like eating the ominous broccoli….you have to, and it’s the best thing to do, but it’s not so nice going down?

How do I fit both:

1. What’s good for my kids

2. What’s good for me

…inside this short life????

Who are these two conflicting personas of “Mom” and just “me”? How can I make them work together rather than divide me in two?

Check back later for part 2!

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